An Online Education Revolution
Online learning platforms are transforming the field of education and 
changing the terms of engagement for marketing professionals. Online systems create new vehicles 
to communicate with, educate and influence customers. Online systems can also be configured to gather 'intelligence' about priority interests of current customers and market prospects. Messages and product offerings can be tailored accordingly to address customer priorities based on identified needs of groups and individuals. 

Value propositions need to be tailored for different niche segment groups. Families with school-age children want to know about programs that will keep youngsters active and teach important lessons about sportsmanship, teamwork and the value of focused practice. Adults want to know how to build active lifestyle habits to help manage stress, sustain brain health and maintain quality of life standards.

Market leaders in advertising, politics and retail merchandising have all refined their capacity to deliver customized messaging to groups and individuals based on their specified needs. The market for fitness and healthy lifestyle offerings will follow the same path. Define the distinctive priorities of leading market segment groups and deliver the appropriate message accordingly.

"In 2015 we are likely to see such a full-blown invasion and transformation of higher education."      The Brookings Institution