Parks and Recreation
Park and Recreation agencies are ideally positioned to take a leadership role as 'Community Champions' 
for Healthy Lifestyle Solutions. Health Alliance Partners provides strategies and online education resources to translate that vision into reality. 

Health Alliance Partners has an extensive track record
of collaboration with Park and Recreation Departments / Districts across the country.     [see below right]

Health Alliance Partners offers a range of online resources that enable Park and Recreation agencies to assume a leadership role as Champion for Healthy Lifestyles. These include:

 Feature specific parks 
Review the amazing health benefits of time spent in natural settings!
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Health Alliance Partners is an educational production of PeopleAssets which maintains the only empirical data base of Park and Recreation Leadership styles in existence. 

Park and Recreation organizations who seek to grow talent within their organization can invite staff to complete the PeopleAssets Leadership Profile that compares and contrasts their personal competencies with high performing leaders in the profession. Contact us for details.