About Us
Health Alliance Partners deploys online educational resources to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors with special attention paid to the psychological components of fitness. The remarkable benefits of exercise for brain health deserve special attention. Resources are tailored for the interests and needs of niche market segment groups including families, youth, adults and seniors.

Health Alliance Partners was founded by Richard T. Houston, Ed.D. 
Houston is a graduate of Brown University. He holds a doctorate in education and was licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Psychology in 1981 where he was a licensed health provider. He has conducted successful leadership development programs in over 25 countries. 

Dr. Houston presented at the Commonwealth Club in downtown San Francisco on the topic of 'Psychological Dimensions of Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors' in October 2014.

Health Alliance Partners currently works with recreation organizations in the SF Bay Area on Healthy Lifestyle initiatives and has a track record with recreation organizations from Florida to Seattle. Health Alliance Partners is a dedicated venture of PeopleAssets, the exclusive partner and content provider for NRPA's innovative 'Transformational Leadership' program.

Health Alliance Partners deploys personalized, interactive systems to deliver individualized recommendations and health education resources based on user inputs. These proprietary technologies have delivered personalized content to users across the globe.

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Pricing depends on the scope of the project and the degree of customization desired, e.g., inclusion of local exemplars.

New customers can get quarterly research summaries and articles for less than $1,000. / yr.
New customers can get started on a customized web-based resources for less than $4,000.